Friday, May 8, 2009

can you remember or should i rewind

To that summer when you caught my eye :] Sorry, that song is in my head... I think it's called Summertime by New Kids on the Block... Actually, I know that's what it's called, because last summer every single Top 100 radio station in the country drilled that song into our heads. Wouldn't you agree? Well, my summer fever has yet to cease, so in the meantime, I guess I'll keep on writing! ...About anything and everything, as you can very well see.

Well, my best guy friend is coming over right now, so I must bid you adu, my blogging friends. We'll probably take a walk and chill playing some wii... He'll kick my butt at it, I'm sure, but hey... It's one of our pastimes :)

Or maybe we'll chill at our favorite spot at the creek. Who knows (:

I can't wait for SUMMER.

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