Thursday, February 26, 2009

49 Things About Me!

Hi. :)

I am a vivacious teenager... I absolutely love being a teenager.

I’m your average girl from a small suburb. And yet, I am so far from average.

I overanalyze almost every situation in my life and I’m proud to say that that’s just the way I am.

I have the soul of a sixty year old man – wise and prepared, but silently yearning for something bigger than myself and yet... never letting anyone know.

I generally end up falling in love with the guys I’m closest to… I usually secretly have a crush on my best guy friend or my best friend’s brother.

I’m the girl who doesn’t care what the world thinks about her, and this year, I'm learning giving my best is all that counts, even if I get a bad grade. Me and my 110% giving, overachieving self.

I strive for perfection yet little things please me the most. – A smile, a kiss on the cheek, a bright blue sky, clean crisp air, a beautiful sunset… It makes me happier than someone giving me a million dollars ever could.

My favorite season is autumn with spring not far behind. The colors sooth my restless soul. It’s calming and relaxes me.

My mom and dad are my best friends in this world!!

I'm the girl who won’t stop writing or running around the neighborhood and eating apples while babbling about how amazing her boyfriend is. Yes, I love apples… and my boyfriend.

I have a good head on my shoulders and pick my friends wisely.

What most people think is boring I will probably thoroughly enjoy and want to see/do again… Like, movie previews… I could watch them all day! I love seeing the clips of the movies and figuring out when they’ll come out so I can see them.

I love bright green grass, windy days, and a lonely walk on the beach after dark when nothing is visible, and the only sign of life within miles of my tiny body is the pounding waves crashing on the shore. That’s the coolest feeling in the entire world. Without a doubt.

I love to be organized yet you cannot see the floor of my room.

I remember dates very well. I make a habit out of it. I remember the day I started going out with my first boyfriend. I remember the day I put my cat to sleep and the day I got my first (and only) failing grade on a test. I remember the day I first thought I was in love and the night I had the best dream of my life. If I know you, I also know your birthday.

I believe it’s possible to be in love for years and years. That might be impossible for some, but my goal is to make it happen. If it doesn’t, then things just weren’t meant to be.

I honestly can’t get enough of love stories – The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Titanic… I can find ways to relate them to my life. I love love. Whether it’s mine or someone else’s, it makes me happy.

I become an entirely different person when I’m stressed. You won’t want to know me if I have three projects due the same week. I just won’t be myself… But once I turn them in, I’ll be my normal-ish self again. Promise :-)

I am ashamed when I buy magazines. I have to hide them while I walk out of the store. They are my guilty pleasure and I could spend hours reading them over and over because each time I read one twice, I always find something I missed or skipped over the first time.

I’m easily excitable. My friends know that. They are also excitable people.

I cry when I listen to The Fray. It makes me think of home. But, it’s a good cry.

My favorite TV show is The Secret Life and I would be terribly annoyed with the writers of the show if Ben and Amy don’t get married. I’d have some stern words for them. I hope they keep the baby and raise it like Amy’s parents did for her.

I’m a Virgo. 100%. No question.

My theme song is Love Story by Taylor Swift.

I wish everyday was Spring Break. Spring Break revives me. Goodness, it is the best week of my entire year.

I play lacrosse though I’ve always wanted to play soccer or be a gymnast. Although, there’s nothing compared to the feeling when I score a goal or make an assist. That is my haven.

I find it hard to make choices, even if they are simple ones.

I miss my family. They are what keep me who I am.

I thoroughly believe Thailand is calling my name. I’ll answer it one day…
I want to see as much of the diverse world as humanly possible.

I have a sisterhood with three of my best friends. We even have pants.

I’m a health freak. My idea of ‘junk food’ is pretzels, let alone chips or soda.

I can be an emotional train wreck. My friends and family know those are the times I need them most. I love them for it.

Sometimes, four year olds make more sense to me than anyone else I know.

I’m a sentimental writer who writes about things that have happened to her or someone she knows.

I love bright, exotic flowers and cherry hardwood floors.

I love orange and lime green. They’re my favorite colors.

My best friends are the people I know will love me despite my many flaws, or how crazy I become. They are the ones I can stay up late talking with when we have sleepovers and not grow tired with.

I love medical/murder shows. They fascinate me and scare me at the same time. I still watch them.

I just spent the past three hours listening to the same song over and over again, and I didn't even realize it until right now.

I could take pictures all day.

Black and white pictures fascinate me. I have three hanging up in my room this very moment. I swear I could stare at them and find new things about them for months! They are my comfort.

I love big windows that can open easily. Closed windows are the most frustrating thing in the world.

My best friend lives 700 miles away from me and we are still best friends. I’ve known her since I was three and we haven’t been apart since. Up until I moved two years ago, that is. We see each other four or five times a year and talk almost every day. She’s going to be my maid of honor someday. Trust me. We’ve been planning that since we were seven years old.

I think little kids are awesome, and I never think of baby sitting as a job. I think of it as fun. I love it!

I’m not afraid of dirt. I’ve learned by now it washes off in the shower.

I’m a sensitive dreamer with opinions and hopes that one day, I can become the Genetic Counselor I've always dreamed of being.

I often find myself uncontrollably laughing or smiling with a complete stranger.

I cannot wait to grow up and fall in love but I love the time I’m spending being me.

Oh yeah, and my name is Katie.

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