Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Concerts and Good Memories

August was a good month for me. I was in love, and I'll admit that! ...Even if it is to the world... Anyways, I went to my first concert in August. With my boyfriend. That's an ouch. Yes. A definite ouch. We saw John Mayer and OneRepublic... 5th row! It really was amazing, even though I went out of there that day thoroughly believing I was deaf. Goodness, those speakers were out to kill me! We had so much fun. Best date ever, hands down!

Until December, that is. My town hosted Jingle Jam with Colbie Calliat, David Archuletta, GAVIN DEGRAW, We The Kings, and Rehab. GOODNESS! That was the BEST night of my life. Concerts were things my boyfriend and I shared. When he broke up with me, I didn't think I could ever handle going to a concert again. (A bit dramatic, but hey, he had just broken up with me for goodness sake.) And, guess what?! I'm going to another concert. Taylor Swift, actually. It's in October. I can handle it. I'll have the support of my two best friends in the entire world! My mom and my best friend, Mist.

So, the point please, Katie. Oh yes. :) The point of this is to let all of my readers out there who have ever had their heart broken to know that they aren't alone by any means. We who have been victims of heartbreak need to ban together. That's how I met three of my best friends. We now have a group called Ekko, standing for the first letter in each of our names. We are super tight. Guys, There's a reason for everything. And though that reason may be unclear at first, someday we'll wake up. Someday, whenever that may be, we'll realize the lesson behind our agony. Someday... Things will be clear. The Lord is good to us. This is why I believe this to be true. And for all we know, something may happen to us for the sake of it happening. God may just want us to be able to say, "Oh yes, that happened to me." Or maybe there is another reason. What's the reason of my breakup and utter heartbreak? I think I know. It lead me to Ekko. I wouldn't trade those girlies for the world. Well, I hope that helps out the brokenhearted out there. You're not alone. Keep your heads held high and stay in good spirits, and know that those who truly love you will help you through your heartbreak. That's the key. Never let it go.

I wish you nothing but the best.

Kat <3

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