Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Saturday

Yesterday was absolutely amazing! I got up at eight, which is pretty rare for me on a SATURDAY! That's when I get up for school and my bus comes at 8:10. Well, I somehow managed to throw myself out of bed and get a shower. My hair is so complicated (I have lots of crazy layers) that my mom usually helps me out by blow drying my hair. So, once I was done with my shower, my mom helped me with my hair. My bangs usually give her trouble because we can never get them to swoop the right way. However yesterday, they swooped perfectly and I felt pretty :) (Which is always a good thing for us girls!)

Then, I went to my lacrosse game because I was in charge of bringing the oranges for half-time. I didn't play because of my knee. **UPDATE** The ridiculously slow Orthopedic Office FINALLY called my mom back about getting me into Physical Therapy (AFTER THREE WEEKS OF WAITING!) and so I'm going next week. Wish me luck :) So, I didn't play in my game, but my girlies ROCKED IT out there. I was so proud of them!! They made me so happy!!

I went home, and my friend *Kevan came over. Kevan is such a cool person. He's a guy I can talk to about anything! Literally. We biked down to a creek in my neighborhood and talked while we walked through it. Then we came back to my house and I beat his butt in football :) We had so much fun! I always have fun being with him though. We can always find things to talk about which is really cool.

So then I went to a party :) Ahh that was fun!! There were about 40 people there, guys and girls. We watched Disturbia on an outdoor TV and just hung out. It was a lot of fun :)

So yeah, my Saturday was perfect, man. I wish every Saturday was that chill.

Now my homework is calling.

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