Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Now??

????????????????I have an undying urge to tell you something... But I forgot what that something was. Drat! Soooo... While I'm sitting here trying to be interesting, I'll just tell you why I feel like writing right now. Like my picture?? :) Miss you Mist! SO SO SO much!

  • I had a good day today... The guy I like has absolutely no clue I like him. What to do... I think I'll stay single. It's less complicated that way.

  • Ben Lee is my prince. Ben, Catch My Disease!

  • I like red Starbursts.

  • Apparently, I'm the "mother figure" to my entire grade! I was told that today. Is that good??

  • I might be Yearbook Editor next year!!! YAY!

  • I am put through the agony and torture of Patella Femoral Syndrome everyday. Ugh. AND Osgood. My poor knee. Thankfully, I'm starting Physical Therapy soon.

  • I think my PE teacher hates me.

  • 8th grade has proven to me that girls mature soooo much faster than boys it's insane.

  • My grade average is a 97!! Yesss.

  • This One's For The Girls! :) haha goood song.

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