Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Confusion... ???WHAT???

Why can't things be less confusing than what they are? Why can't there be a clear, defined answer to every problem, big or small, that we face in life? Goodness, that would make things so much easier. Especially now. I just wish heartache didn't exist. I could do without that. But, hey, like I ALWAYS say... Everything happens for a reason. :)

Why did someone who broke my heart suddenly have a change of heart? I was so hurt... How can I possibly just erase all of that? That's the thing... I can't.

Unanswered questions eat at my mind.
All I need is some sort of guide.
Do your best and please show me a sign
I wish I could just figure this out.


  1. hey katie(:
    what are you talking about in this blog? does a certain someone like you again?
    i hope you have a great spring break! ill miss you!
    love you

  2. Heyy Ellie! :)
    Oh goodness how do I explain this blog... :) Apparently that 'certain someone' likes me again. But, it doesn't matter anymore. I just want to be friends :) I hope you feel better soon and that you have fun with Christina and your parents in Hilton Head!! :) I'll miss you too :)
    Love you!

  3. I know its more wise to listen to your head and not your heart...sometimes though, following your heart is just more for the moment, right?:-)