Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Feel Good.

Hello Lovies :)

How do I feel? Good. It's a good day. And I don't even know why I feel good! Ha! But don't you find those are the best kinds of days? When you smile every five seconds for no reason? And people start to look at you like you're insane and you don't care? Haha yesss... I love those days.

Hmmm... Maybe I do know why I'm happy!!

1. I'm eating ice cream :) How could you NOT be happy while eating ice cream?!

2. I literally just ran into a door. But it didn't hurt!

3. Mutual break ups are SOOOO much better than non mutual ones. I know from experience lol :)

4. I have the best friends in the entire world! EKKO I LOVE YOU!

5. The sun is shining.

6. My amazingly perfect Beach Friend just texted me! :)

7. My daddy just told me he's coming home early! YAY! :)

8. I'm wearing shorts... That means it's warm outside... That means SUMMER is coming! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

9. I'm seeing Taylor Swift in concert in PITTSBURGH with my best friend in the entire world!

10. I'm getting more ice cream... That's right! Be jealous! :)
P.S. I thought this picture was hiiiilarious!

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