Thursday, May 7, 2009

i've been sitting, waiting, wishing...

Hello my fellow blogging friends :) I think by now you've probably figured out that I'm very much into photography. (If not, scroll down a few posts. They're not hard to miss :]) Well, every May at my school, my absolutely amazing idol of an art teacher picks four talented and mature seventh (soon to be eighth) graders for his yearbook editors the following year. Since I am a seventh grader, I will be in the running for that position this year, and I could not be more excited! I sometimes feel like yearbook was made for me... Writing, photography, editing... All rolled up into one! I feel like it has my name written all over it. And I want this. I mean really want this. But, if I don't get the position, I'll understand that it went to someone totally deserving who was meant for it.

... But I hope that someone is me :-]


  1. awww! good luck!! I'm sure you'll get a position :) your work is definitely worthy!