Saturday, May 2, 2009

that 70's show

Makes my week :] Every Friday at 7, you'll find me blue faced in front of the tv, possibly choking on water I'm laughing so hard. Oh so attractive! Why, you may ask. BECAUSE THAT 70'S SHOW IS ON!!! YAY!!! Fez... Brutally honest, but someone I'd want to call my best friend because he would always be able to make me laugh! There's this hilarious boy at school who I'm really good friends with that I swear could be Fez's twin... He just doesn't know it yet :) Kelso really irritates me. I love Ashton Kutcher and all but Kelso is an idiot! Haha. I have many Erics in my life... The nice guys... The gentlemen... The ones I always end up falling for :) Hyde is just Hyde. I can't say anything else about him because if you haven't seen the show you'll think I'm crazy. Jackie reminds me of my best friend! And then there's Donna... I've been told at least five times that I look like Donna's twin. Everyone is always like "Katie! If you dyed your hair red, you'd look just like Donna from That 70's Show!" Haha I don't dye my hair but if I ever did, it would be to her color.
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  1. Katie, you are a ridiculously mature 7th grader...holy cow!! When I was your age, I didn't even who I was, let alone anyone else. After reading the last few posts of yours, I'd say you have a lot of potential in your life. You seem to be one of the few girls that isn't ready to stab people in the back and gossip every time they turn around. I really hope you don't change that about yourself, because girls like you are so hard to find, and life has a funny way of testing who you think you are. I'm almost done with college, and I can only count on one hand the girls that wouldn't do those things to me.
    Anyways, you've got an interesting blog here. Mine's a little less personal and more about what I love to do. Check it out if you get the time :)

  2. I love That 70's Show!!! Absolutely adore it, but sadly enough, can't remember the last time I watched it...