Monday, June 22, 2009

Cooperstown Trip June 12-19 :)

I apologize for my leave of absense. On the 12th, I went to Cooperstown, New York with my family for my brother's week-long baseball tournament at the Dream's Park. It really was a magical experience. Needless to say I wasn't *thrilled* about heading off to rural New York to watch baseball for a week, but seeing how my brother's face lit up when he got his first Cooperstown homerun made it all worth it. Seeing him running those bases... I was working the scoreboard at the time, and literally when I saw the ball go over the fence, I jumped out of my seat so quickly I practically jumped into half of our team's parents. They weren't too thrilled about that. Watching his teammates congratulating him at home plate was the icing on the cake. It brought a tear to my eye, seeing my brother so happy. When that kid is happy, I'm happy.


  1. Lovely photos..^^

  2. thank you so much! that really means a lot.