Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was hoping you'd ask ;-)

A girl will never forget her first date. No parents sitting a few rows down from you in the movie theatre, no one telling you to cover your eyes when the PG-13 previews came on, no one turning around every ten seconds to make sure things aren't getting too PG. Just me. And him. And in my case, a very large and obnoxious group of hyper 10 year old girls who seemed like they hadn't seen a boy and girl sitting within five feet of each other in years. But that's the exception. Hyper? Just wanting to be obnoxious, perhaps? A classic example of group mentality? Whatever it was, they spotted us sitting outside Chick-fil-A and immediately started yelling about how cute we were. No harm done. Actually, it was rather sweet, and made us smile. But after they ordered inside and sat down at the table closest to us just so they could tell *JMM to kiss me 600 times, we stopped paying attention. They were sweet as pie, though, and gave us something to laugh about (not that we didn't have anything to laugh about, because we did.) We played along, answering their questions and making general conversation, until their mom came outside and apologized for her children's actions. We laughed, telling her everything was cool. We saw Land of the Lost. Will Ferrel...Immature humor...His laugh...Dr.Pepper and Sprite...BEST MOVIE EVER.

I met him in early April, on Spring Break to be exact. We met on the beach at sunset and walked until we didn't know what time it was, where we were, and why we couldn't see anyone for miles. I spent the next few days by his side, as we walked along the beach, as he taught me to skimboard (and I painfully revealed my lack of coordination by falling on my butt), as we boogyboarded and he pulled me through the waves, and as we said goodbye the morning I was leaving... I never thought I'd see him again, though we had established that we lived about half an hour away from each other. I hoped we would keep in touch.

After Spring Break, we texted a few times a week, but when summer started... Oh my. We talk on the phone every night for hours, and it is honestly the highlight of my day every time. We have the most interesting conversations, and we're so alike, it's insane. He's the sweetest guy, too. Loves his family and friends to death, is a huuuuge LSU fan, knows every song in the universe (yes. i really do mean every one.) and always knows how to make me smile.

I love being with him.

This one is different, I can feel it.


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