Sunday, June 7, 2009

pittsburgh pride.

Though I do not live there anymore, Pittsburgh will forever and always be home. And even though I'm many miles away, I can still get my Pittsburgh fix with the flip of a switch... The tv switch (: If any of you follow the National Hockey League, you'd know that the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Redwings are (for the second year in a row) in the Stanley Cup series. After the defeat of the Pens to the Redwings in last year's series, I'm really pulling for a win this year. It's funny, because while my family does get back to Pittsburgh on a regular basis (well, if you count twice a year a regular basis...) I still find myself thinking nonstop about the city I will always call home. Even though I am completely settled in my new town, I've made mannnnny new friends, and am involved in sports and other activities, I'll never, ever forget those early years of my childhood spent playing Capture the Flag on those dusky summer nights, those chilly September mornings spent waiting for the bus to pull around the corner, and those oh so treasured neighborhood snowball fights. You just don't find those kinds of things most places! The people I met... All the things I experienced... You just can't put a price on things like that. I'll always always always miss Pittsburgh... Knowing the amazing kids I grew up with are making their own memories without me just kills me, but I know that they are happy and living life to the fullest (: And I'm so glad they are doing that. But sometimes it makes me sad I'm missing out on their lives. All I can say, is GO PENS! BRING BACK THAT CUP! And thank goodness for technology... <3

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  1. You couldn't have described that feeling better. I know exactly how you feel.