Friday, July 3, 2009

a milestone, thanks to you.

When I started this blog, back in February, I had absolutely no hidden agenda. Blogging was something I stumbled upon one day on the Internet. I saw a photography blog, and was instantly hooked to Blogger. At first, I saw Blogger as a way for me to get out anything and everything that was on my mind. If something was bothering me, excited me, or made me happy to be who I am, I wrote about it. And through all of that, I found out that people actually read my blog! Never in a million years did I expect to have a single follower to my blog, and now, almost five months later, I have 10!! That's fantastic, and I'm so grateful for all of your sweet words of encouragement, feedback, and advice. They have all impacted me. I especially love hearing what you guys think about my photography. I love knowing that you guys are actually interested in what I have to share and say. That is a really cool feeling :)

So, thank YOU. For never failing to encourage me and brighten my day.

I've "met" so many awesome people through blogger... The teenagers, wise beyond their years who always know how to make me smile, the wise photographers who never fail to encourage me, and two of my best friends, Ellie and Olivia. Thank you all so much for being followers!


  1. ANOTHER VISIT FROM AN ANNOYTING BUT FAMILIAR STRANGER. (That's me.) I'm glad you like Blogger. I really like it too.

    .....I just wanted to clarify. Coz I came across this blog and it bugged me. Are you or are you not the Kat from Wooward Academy?