Sunday, July 19, 2009

somewhere only we know :]

Hello, hello, hello! My blogging friends, to you I apologize. I have not forgotten about you, but you see, I have a problem. It takes me an awfully long time to write a blog post. An awfully long time. When I even think about posting, it's like the thought of blogging is a magnet for the contents buried deep in my mind. Everything (and MAN do I mean everything) starts bouncing around in this big head of mine... What starts off as an innocent piece of written literature then becomes a whirlwind of the contents of my life. This available time it takes for me to write a blog post is dwindling down to little to nothing these days... And I apologize for that! ..But that's the life of a teenager, for you.

So the other day, I stumbled upon a song... Older, but still some of this fine gentleman's best work. Only you, by Josh Kelley. Sure, you may not know the title, but I promise you. When you hear the catchy, distinct intro, you'll remember the song. I did just that! And I'm warning you! It's been in my head ever since. And it's been three weeks. Lovely.

Ok so I feel like if there's one thing I absolutely need to tell you about, it is my absolutely fantastic Fourth of July. Let me preface this by saying the fourth has always always always been my absolute favorite holiday. So on the fourth, my family was scheduled to come in at two. At one, my boyfriend called me and asked if I wanted to meet him in a small part of our town. It's mainly one street, and has cute little restaurants and shops. We go down there occasionally and walk around, exploring all the places that would often go unnoticed. So, I met him at our favorite restaurant and we got some water. We were walking aimlessly, with no destination in mind. That's the kind of thing we like to do. We're very spontaneous! So as we were walking, I realized we were walking in the direction of my house. Basically, we walked for about eight miles until we got to my house. My family was waiting, so I introduced them to my boyfriend. (Don't worry, my parents had already met him and knew that we were coming.) We explored my neighborhood and walked down to my favorite spot, the creek. Then we came back to my house for dinner. We then walked over to the local high school for fireworks which were absolutely breathtaking. It was so cool to be able to spend the day with my family and my boyfriend (: It really was a great day.

I'll be back in school soon. My GOODNESS how time flies.

Don't let it fly too fast (:


  1. that sounds so lovely :) but I don't recall you posting about your bf!! who is he? where'd you meet?? when was it official? how did it happen? haha.

    You have a great blog, but one word of advice, change the colors! It hurt my eyes to read a post!! haha

  2. haha seriously, jess, whenever you leave me a comment, it makes my day! and thank you so much for the advice (: hope these colors are easier! and i will definitely post about him, so check back soon! (: