Sunday, September 6, 2009

two months and time to think

Wednesday was a good day.

My boyfriend showed up at my house, completely unannounced, with a huuuuge bouquet of flowers and the sweetest card in the world. He couldn't stay, but he told me that he loved me, and that the past two months had meant the world to him. (Yes, it was our two month 'anniversary'.)

Him doing that so spontaneously meant the absolute world to me. It completely summed up the kind of person he is. He thoroughly believes the little things matter much more than the huge, over-the-top things. I love that about him (:

So, fellow bloggers, I ask you... How did you spend your Saturday night? On a date? Out with your friends? At home? I spent mine in the Emergency Room! Yippie! Long story short, I went to see my friends' football game, and realized that I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate at home before coming to the game. So, needless to say, I paniced. My mom drove me to the Emergency Room, and they had me under close supervision for a few hours.

Yearbook. Is driving me. Insane. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE IT. It's just my kind of thing. Photography... Tons of writing... It's all very.. Me, I guess you could say.

But working with people and having to be in charge of so many different people with different kinds of personalities is just about driving me up a wall. But hey, I guess that's what my art teacher meant when he said I'd really 'blossom' this year through yearbook. I just didn't know blossoming would be this agrivating.

Well, I'm leaving the house in about five minutes to go hiking on a remote trail with my family. I'm pretty pumped. Hiking + Nature + Family = some pretty amazing pictures.

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  1. haha too true, too true. so you're finding out the hard way how much it sucks to work in that environment. While it may make you question your passions, it will make you realize what it truly means to you to do what you love, what you're willing to sacrifice for it. That's how I feel about working for my college newspaper, I HATE the people sometimes because they're so disorganized, but I've stayed there for 2 years now because of one reason: I LOVE seeing my pictures published with my name under them. That's it. I'll deal with all the crap just to see that. People will definitely test your boundaries but like I said, it tests your commitment to your passions. Hang in there, girl!