Monday, October 26, 2009

abandoned? i think not.

Holy dang. Where have I been these past two months? Not on blogger, apparently. That much is clear for sure. So, if I haven't been on blogger, where have I been? ...


Not even kidding. Life as a teenager, while some say is lax, chill, spontaneous, etc, is very NOT those things when you're a teenager with the job of making sure a good yearbook is printed for the entire student body of your school in May. Yeah... when you have pages, the cover, and fundraising to take charge of, you don't really have much time to be 'lax' or 'chill'. Let alone spontaneous! But, rest assured my fellow bloggers. I have not died! Just thought I'd let you know I'm alive and well. :D And as for the yearbook, we're making some serious progress! Our cover design, (which I'm still in the process of planning and executing) is due next Friday. Oh joy. And then, there's the 50-some people I'm in charge of... If they don't get their pages done on time, I get the crap for it. I swear, if I have high blood pressure, it's definitely due to the stress of yearbook. Alas, I cannot complain. I'm loving every second of it. And all that stress? It's just part of the job(:

I'm worried. Concerned, alarmed, shaken... You name it. I live in a good, wholesome community. That much I know. But even in the best of communities, you always have that one slew of friends... The ones who are into drugs and other things waaay beyond their years. The ones I'd personally never EVER want to associate myself with. Because I, simply, am just not like that one bit. And I have good friends. Who are ALSO not like that. If they were, I would not be their friend. However, one of my absolute best friends in the world has been showing signs that they're starting to experiment with drugs. It makes me extremely sad that she's even having thoughts about doing drugs, let alone physically doing them. I'm worried. We've talked openly about her struggles and what's been leading her to experiment, but I know she's still doing them. I just want my friend back.

It's getting colder... Even here, down south. I have to say, I miss summer already. I cannot wait for the days when the harsh winter chill leaves our lives for another year, and glimpses of summer are noticeable. Yes. Those are the days!


  1. Good to know you're still kickin' butt! I'm sure the yearbook will look fantastic, and you must post pictures of your hard work :)

    About your friend--it's really unfortunate to hear that a good friend is choosing that path. But if you've talked to her about it, and let her know how you really feel, and she still chooses it over you, then there's unfortunately nothing you can do. If she really cares about you then she won't do stupid things like that. Unfortunately I've learned this lesson too many times, true friends are hard to find. Save yourself the pain later if she's just going to leave you this early.

    On a brighter note, stick to your guns kid! Drugs suck. They don't get you anywhere. So don't feel like a "loser" or whatnot just because you're smarter :)

  2. Katie I love you, and you are an amazing writer! I love reading your blogs!! About your friend, is there any chance I am friends with this person? Sorry, just curious.
    Ps. I kinda sound like I don't know you when I wrote that. :D