Tuesday, May 5, 2009

well then... don't mind if i gush :)

A Good Day :-)

Well, I won't gush that much. Or, at least, I'll try oh so very hard not to, but I can't make any promises at this point! Okay, so there's this guy... This great guy. This amazingly astounding perfect guy. Who doesn't know he has my heart. But, hey, everything will work out! ...One day.

I realized something today... I was thinking about everything that has happened thus far in my 'middle school career' and got to thinking about my past boyfriends, and how they don't come around very often... I think I know why, too. I'm picky. Well, not picky exactly, but particular. I am one of the millions of girls that always ends up falling for her best guy friend. Yup, that's me. Every single time.

Ok, so about today... Every year, our school has its annual Olympics. Basically, you get put on a team that is one of five countries. This year we have the United Kingdom, China, Greece, Italy, and Canada. I'm on Italy with a lot of my good friends, which is exciting. Basically, we have three grade level track meets and at the end of all of them, the country with the most points wins. So, I signed up for the 4x100 co-ed relay with my good friend Kelly and two of my other good friends Brian and Ryan. We ran today :) Against Greece. We were the last event of the day, and we had such MAJOR issues figuring out our running order. They say it's smart to have your fastest runners go first and last... Brain wanted to be last. That was a done deal. There's no arguing with Brian :) I didn't care where I was at this point. Kelly was second. That was also a known fact. So, it came down to me and Ryan for the first and third spots... I asked what Ryan wanted to do, because I would let him choose. He told me he wasn't about to go first, so he would be third. I agreed, not knowing what to think. FIRST?! In front of the entire grade?! What if I slipped? What if I tripped my competition? ... What if I passed out on the FIELD?!?!? Needless to say, I was silently freaking out. So, when our teacher cracked the start gun, I took off FLYING. I didn't care what was in my way, I would've knocked it over and not even realized it. I had a good lead when I passed off the baton. It was all up to my team at that point. So, I watched from the sidelines after I caught my breath. Kelly ran. Then Ryan. Then Brian. We won! It was a good day :)

Oh yeah, and no one slipped.


  1. That sounds really fun! And I can't pick a favorite song...
    I like Spaceman, Bones, and When You Were Young the most... I think.
    It's always so hard too decide! :]
    What's your favorite Killers song?

  2. wow, I'm serious...you are me in 7th grade haha. I was SO into the 4x100 relays, we did races at my middle school too, only they weren't called anything cool like the Olympics. It was just for gym haha. But I always offered, if not begged to go first because I know I'm fast (I have a really long stride) and my team would always win!! It's soo much fun, and so exhilarating!! (As you seem to feel, too!) And the coolest part was that we were a team of all girls, so we were kickin' all the guys butts, too. It was awesome. That part of middle school was great! haha. Congrats on the win!